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Bausch & Lomb ULTRA One Day
  • Bausch & Lomb ULTRA One Day

    Benefits of Bausch & Lomb ULTRA One Day contact lenses


    • Manufactured with ComfortFeel Technology to ensure protection and hydration
    • Daily disposable lenses: super convenient and hygienic
    • 96% moisture retention after 16 hours
    • UV filter offers extra defence against sun damage
    • Conveniently boxed in packs of 30 for daily use


    More information about Bausch & Lomb ULTRA One Day
    Brought to you by Bausch & Lomb, ULTRA One Day is an excellent choice for a wide range of people, especially those who suffer from dry eyes. These disposable contact lenses combine MoistureSeal Technology and ComfortFeel Technology to work in synergy with the tear film and ensure long-lasting hydration and comfort. MoistureSeal technology provides high water content and retains 96% of the moisture for 16 hours. ComfortFeel releases eye health ingredients such as electrolytes to help enrich and balance the tear film so that your eyes stay hydrated.

    ULTRA One Day are produced in kalifilcon A, an exceptionally comfortable silicone hydrogel material, and designed for easy handling, making them ideal if you do not habitually wear contact lenses. The ultra comfy daily lenses also provide UV blocking, which helps protect your eyes from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays while you are outdoors and exposed to the sun.

    • Product Specification

      Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
      Brand: ULTRA
      Type of Lens: Daily disposable
      Material: 55% Water + 45% kalifilcon A
      Water content: 55%
      Oxygen permeability: 134 Dk/t
      Lens diameter: 14.2 mm
      Base curves: 8.6 mm
      Available powers: -0.50D to -12.00D
      Handling tint: Yes
      UVA/UVB protection: Yes
    • รายละเอียด

      Bausch & Lomb Ultra 1-Day คอนแทคเลนส์ใสรายวัน (1 กล่อง 15 คู่)


      1 กล่อง ราคากล่องละ 1,250 บาท

      2 กล่อง ราคากล่องละ 1,200 บาท


      •ให้ความชุ่มชื้นสูง (55% water content)

      •ออกซิเจนซึมผ่านได้สูง (134 Dk/t)

      •ป้องกันรังสียูวี (UVA & UVB)

      •ภาพคมชัด (Aspheric Optics ความคมชัดในภาวะแสงน้อย)




      ผสานด้วย 2 เทคโนโลยี

      ✔️MoistureSeal Technology

      ช่วยรักษาความชุ่มชื้นไว้ในเลนส์ได้ 96%

      ✔️ComfortFeel Technology


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