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MYKITA takes an independent approach to eyewear design and production, bringing together all departments under one roof to form the modern manufactory. At the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin, the team guides the product through every stage, from conception to the shop floor. The driving force at the modern manufactory is the collective impulse consistently to challenge the status quo. MYKITA strives to set new standards in design and manufacturing with purposeful products that combine handcraft and high technology. The unmistakeable MYKITA aesthetic demonstrates integrity towards materials and construction, as well as the individual artistry of the craftsmen. The close relationship between design, research & development and production cultivates a commitment to quality and a spirit of innovation that is apparent in the eyewear collections. Headed by founder Moritz Krueger, MYKITA is committed to a course at once enterprising and authentic. In addition to its own shops in cities across the globe, including Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Tokyo, MYKITA is available at selected optical and fashion stores in over 100 countries


MYKITA established the term ‘modern manufactory’ to describe the multidisciplinary approach of combining handcraft and high-technology processes. In addition to the departments at MYKITA HAUS that see the product through from concept to final quality control, the modern manufactory incorporates external experts to form a self-contained manufacturing network. An inventive and independent nature is integral to the identity of the company. From the outset, the novelty of the first product design pushed MYKITA to establish in-house production facilities, developing the machines and processes to suit its specialised needs. Driven by the constant pursuit of technical betterment and simple curiosity, MYKITA continues to look beyond the traditional confines of the eyewear industry, seeking out new and relevant technologies from different fields to incorporate into its system. Together with external partners, who continue to incubate and develop their technology, MYKITA keeps its operation at the forefront of technological innovation.

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